The Unique Allure of Epic Voyages

President and co-chair of the board of Lindblad Expedition-National Geographic, Sven Lindblad, remembers vividly the impact of his first epic voyage.

Here, founder and co-chair of the board, Sven Lindblad, explains how the legacy of ‘going epic’ is proudly carried on in one-of-a-kind experiences across great swaths of our planet, much to the delight of loyal guests.

Fifty years ago, my first seagoing expedition was a 35-day voyage from New Zealand, down through the sub-Antarctic Islands to the ice-choked Ross Sea, along vast unknown west Antarctica to the Antarctic peninsula and, eventually, through the Drake Passage to Ushuaia in Argentina. Looking back now, it was certainly one of the most rewarding experiences. With time, you fall into a rhythm of comradery with fellow explorers, where the mind-blowing days mesh with simple days at sea where you can catch your breath. Anticipation for the next landfall builds, and palpable excitement takes over the ship as a new place to be discovered emerges on the horizon. 

We tend to rush a lot. Time is rarely a gift we give ourselves. We used to create a greater number of longer expeditions but found that people did not seem to want to devote the time. Life’s pace seemed to have gotten more hectic. But I sense that is changing and people are rethinking their personal relationship to time.

So, here we are—embracing opportunities to slow down our pace and enjoy a greater arc of experience. We call them Epic Voyages because of their scope and rewards that come with the gift of time.

These voyages span the globe. From crossing the entire Atlantic Ocean on a 9,000 nautical mile, replicating the voyage to Antarctica from New Zealand to Argentina I made 50 years ago, to a deep dive into the culture, wildlife, and remarkable undersea of Indonesia, Raja Ampat, and Papua New Guinea.

On all of these voyages there is so much to see and, of course, learn. I have always believed that travel is the best way to learn about and better understand our world. And on Epic Voyages, that’s true in spades.

A final note—shared purpose really is the essence of any successful endeavor, as you well know. And that, in many ways, is the magic I believe exists on our expeditions across the globe. We really are in this together, from the captain to the officers, crew, expedition staff, and guests. It’s an idea we have fostered since inception.

Expedition travel should be a joyful and wonderous experience for all aboard our ships—a shared one which makes our lives infinitely more interesting.

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