The Joy of Travel

Take hold of every moment, making lasting memories to share with friends and family for years to come.

The world — marvelous, enigmatic, and beautiful — begs to be explored, engaged, and experienced. Inexhaustible horizons stretch across glistening seas, rolling dunes, verdant forests, and majestic mountains. Intoxicating fragrances and patchworks of color mesmerize throughout local markets and across vibrant mosaics and architectural gems. Mouthwatering flavors of local recipes perfected over generations bring families and friends together while new rhythms move us from the table to the dance floor in joyous celebration. Travelers like us come alive at the thought of setting sail and venturing into waters and lands both familiar and unknown, seeking to fill our pages with priceless moments that will carry on as precious memories. Join us as we experience the world around us, one adventure at a time.

French enchantments float throughout Monaco, Èze and Nice like a fine perfume, captivating visitors on a tour filled with local charm, boutique shops, breathtaking scenery and more, while the warm waters of Cockleshell Bay in St. Kitts are as crystal-clear as the ice in your glass…and equally as refreshing. And in the Obi Castle Town near Miyazaki, Japan, the storied grounds, traditional design, and scenic atmosphere will transport you back to the Edo Period for a sampling of medieval Japan. Every destination we sail to harbors treasured experiences waiting to be unearthed. And there’s no better way to dig in than by taking advantage of our hallmark inclusion of thousands of wonderful, free Unlimited Shore Excursions. These excursions are curated to provide you with an array of ways to engage your interests and indulge your passions, from adventurous encounters with nature to quiet explorations of world-famous museums. And with access to over 350 UNESCO World Heritage sites, you’ll have unique opportunities to experience world history in profound and tangible ways.

Feel the vibrancy of Buenos Aires as you savor traditional cuisine and regional wines; then, witness the passion of the tango at a local milonga and allow the rhythm to take control. Cruise the pristine coastline of Mahé in Seychelles aboard a spacious catamaran and get in touch with the breathtaking scenery that has made this locale legendary, or discover why there is no better way to absorb the stunning majesty of Iceland than by soaring above its wondrous glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and vast array of natural marvels.

Go Local Tours

One of the best ways to find off-the-beaten-path experiences is to think like a local, and Go Local Tours provide connections with local culture through community members themselves. Witness how the locals of Stockholm breathe new life and beauty into the city they call home, from wonderfully enhanced and decorated public transit to the bohemian vibes of Södermalm. In Alaska, walk the streets of Sitka guided by a knowledgeable local sharing historic tales and insights into the city’s affection for the arts. Experience a new world of hospitality and discover the best of what you didn’t know about your favorite destinations with Go Local Tours.

Gourmet Explorer Tours

Unique to sailings aboard Seven Seas Grandeur™, Seven Seas Splendor® and Seven Seas Explorer®, our specially curated, Master Chef-led Gourmet Explorer Tours invite you to learn something new as you immerse your palate in the cultural flavors of your destination. Delight in the local flavors of Nova Scotia, sampling selections prepared by an artisanal charcuterie and imbibing craft beers and ciders made from locally grown apples. In Casablanca, delve into the unique and beautiful scene of the city and learn how to prepare an authentic Moroccan dining experience. Savor each bite, increase your culinary knowledge and expand your repertoire with each of our delectable Gourmet Explorer Tours. 

Serene Spa & Wellness™ Tours

Enjoy a revitalizing shoreside experience with a Serene Spa & Wellness Tour. Center yourself surrounded by the verdant beauty of the Samford Valley as you engage in a holistic yoga, meditation and chanting session at Zen Space in Australia. Or, experience the organic crops and flavors of Corfu after being guided through mindful meditation and specific yoga poses to help revitalize your being. Restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul as you engage the world through our Serene Spa & Wellness Tours.

Treasures to Behold | Kerkira, Greece

Kerkira offers a combination of cosmopolitan and time-honored Greece. As well as a flower-strewn countryside and Adriatic-style villages, Corfu has splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. Colorful ceramics, olive oil, wine, honey, herbs, and spices are delicious culinary mementos.

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