Top 5 Reasons to Visit Antarctica in the Summer

More than 50,000 travelers from across the globe journeyed to the distant land of Antarctica in 2021. For those who relish traveling to remote and unconventional locations, the seventh continent offers a type of pristine beauty and off-the-grid adventure that exists practically nowhere else. No longer is being “on The Ice” an activity reserved for the most intrepid of explorers. More and more travelers are finding reasons to visit Antarctica every year.

Antarctica’s appeal as a travel destination is increasing. According to statistics from the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO), the number of visitors to the continent has risen by more than 50 percent over the past four years.

Antarctica, however, still receives only a tiny fraction of the tourism that descends upon the world’s most visited destinations. Tour operators who visit the region are committed to doing so responsibly under the Antarctic Treaty System. Consequently, visitors won’t have to share Antarctica’s breathtaking vistas with millions of others; instead, they can revel in the destination’s sense of serenity.

In many ways, Antarctica remains the final frontier. Read on to discover five reasons why Antarctica beckons the most discerning of travelers:

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