Top 10 Destinations for Sustainable Travel

When it comes to sustainable travel, the companies that do it best are those with sustainability as part of their core values or as the driver of their missions. For example, our partners G Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions both consider sustainable tourism as part of their DNA, and their origins and actions back their claims.

Since 1990, G Adventures has been the pioneer of community tourism ensuring tourism benefits the local people in the places we travel to, and in turn, turning the local people into custodians of their surrounding environments. In 2017, G Adventures introduced the Ripple Score to help customers transparently see how much of the money they spend locally in a destination actually stays there.

Lindblad Expeditions is the pioneer of expedition travel, especially expedition cruising, inspiring people to explore and protect the planet. For more than 50 years, Lindblad has built ground-breaking programs in education, empowered local artisans, protected wild areas, and so much more. They create “planetary stewards” by taking travelers into the wild and inspiring them to care.

If you’d like to travel to a destination where sustainable tourism lives at the forefront, here are 10 places G Adventures and Lindblad Expeditions recommend.

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