A Romance Rendezvous Guide to St. Martin

With the relaxing sound of the ocean, sunset views, delicious cuisine, and plenty to discover, spending time in St. Martin with your loved one will create a lifetime of memories. This spectacular Caribbean beauty is the perfect romantic getaway for couples, especially newlyweds. The French retreat is a gorgeous mix of idyllic views, never-ending stretches of white sand, and diverse culture – all qualities that make this one of the most romantic destinations in the Caribbean.

Rich with nature’s bounty, the destination offers couples endless temptation and ways to splurge. From soaking up the sunshine on one of the most perfect beaches to enjoying exciting culinary experiences, there is so much to do, it can be hard to choose. Here’s a list of some of the most incredible activities every couple who visits St. Martin should consider for their itinerary.

Make Your Own Perfume

The Greek goddess Aphrodite is known as a symbol of love and desire. What you might not know is Aphrodite was so taken with perfumes, she had them custom made according to her tastes. In St. Martin, you and your partner can also create your own scent. Tijon will help you discover how fragrances are created, and you can take part in perfume-making masterclasses. Have fun experimenting with different mixtures, learn the history and art of making perfume, and create your own aphrodisiac.

Adventure Among the Clouds

Looking at your better half from mountain high in the sky will give you a new perspective on your lives together. For adventurous couples, St. Martin offers skydiving across the beautiful Caribbean skies. Seize the moment, propose or, for the thrill of a lifetime, get married at the dropzone. Those who are a little more cautious will find reassurance that would-be skywalkers are always strapped to a parachute connected to your instructor. Do not hesitate, inch toward the door and JUMP! Take a flying leap into the next significant phase of your life.

Romantic Couples Spa

Slow the pace and experience relaxation and tranquility with your partner through an exclusive romantic spa day at the Belmond La Samanna. This beautiful Caribbean spa resort creates intimate moments for a memorable romantic getaway. Belmond La Samanna helps you unwind in an open-door treatment room, where you can indulge in pre-tanning treatments, share a relaxing tropical Lomi Lomi massage, or polish your vacation and your nails by getting a classic French manicure.


Explore the magnificent Loterie Farm and hike up through tropical rainforests to take in the astonishing views of Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island. The variegated shades of green are indescribable until you see them for yourself. Why not linger to the sounds of the lively birdsong while enjoying the lovely natural ambience. But don’t eat too much! When you return to the Loterie Farm, a feast awaits you in the restaurant or by the pool in one of the cabanas. You’ll dine while watching butterflies dance in the air.

Dinner for Two

La Villa Hibiscus is the perfect setting to share a delightful gastronomical experience. These are just a few things people are saying about La Villa Hibiscus: “culinary delight,” “a hidden gem,” and “a unique experience.” This treasure trove of a place is run by Sabine and her husband, Chef Bastian, and it offers a list of mouth-watering dishes to satiate your adventurous appetite. Located on the highest point of the island, up in the romantic hills with panoramic views of St. Martin, guests will be serenaded at dusk by the resident frogs (if in season). Hold hands gazing at stars scattered in the sky and feel the love in the air – La Villa Hibiscus is a hidden romantic gem.

To book your romance rendezvous in St. Martin, contact your Ensemble travel advisor.

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