Searching for Your Picture-Perfect Paradise? Here's Where to Find It.

There’s something utterly sublime and indulgent about the South Pacific islands. It could be the feeling the name itself evokes – of warm sand caressing your feet and an island breeze tousling your hair. Or, maybe, it’s the ‘real life but better’ pictures you see when scrolling through social media feeds – the perfectly-posed beach picture or the champagne toast on a dreamy yacht as the sun slowly meets the horizon.

The South Pacific islands seem to exist in a suspended state of reality, a land that appears to be untouched by the daily hustle of life. While that exact notion may not be true, there is some honesty to the fact that the unparalleled views, rich cultural traditions and slower pace make these islands the perfect destination for the luxury traveler within you.

The famous sunset cruises are a must-do for all couples. These cruises combine live performances and delicious meals, set against enchanting vistas of skies on fire with bursts of oranges and pinks. For the couple who wants a bit more privacy and luxury, private sunset cruises are available as well. Sail off the coast of Bora Bora or Fiji and get a glimpse into the true relaxation these islands have to offer. 

For the couple looking for absolute pampering, look no further than the many all-inclusive resorts. These luxurious, adults only properties offer chic surroundings, excellent amenities, and a truly relaxing experience. With overwater bungalows, thatched roofs, private views, and crystal lagoons, they’re perfect for the dream couple vacation. For the most private and luxurious experience, stay at The Brando, located on the Tetiaroa islands and owned by none other than famed veteran actor, Marlon Brando. Although the hotel isn’t all-inclusive, the island’s exclusive nature, including access by private plane, adds the luxury factor any couple would want. 

But if adrenaline-pumping activities are more your style, there’s plenty for the adventurous couples to do, too! From volcano hikes to harvesting your own pearls, you can explore a plethora of activities completely unique to the South Pacific. Some couples even opt for the shark diving experience at the Shark Reef Marine Reserve in Fiji; however, this must be booked a few months in advance as spots are limited.

The South Pacific’s sublime charm must be experienced to be believed. With its opulent surroundings and lush greenery, each moment is something out of a guidebook, or in today’s terms, something straight from Instagram. Each day spent on the islands will present new experiences, and each experience will be best spent with your special someone by your side. So, if a picture-perfect couple’s vacation is what you’re looking for, look no further than the South Pacific!

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