Celebrate National Travel Advisor Day by Planning Your Next Vacation, Worry-Free

The rise of online travel booking popularity has brought attention to many risks travelers are now learning about the hard way. When you take matters into your own hands and book a trip online, you’re on your own when issues arise. From a last-minute canceled vacation rental to delayed and missed flight connections, a lot can go wrong when you consider all the moving parts of a vacation.

The experience of a hard lesson learned has brought many online bookers into the office of their local travel advisor or into the virtual office of an advisor who matches their travel style. They’re seeking refuge from their frustrations only to be delighted to find out travel advisors not only save the day if something goes wrong, they also have access to the best travel deals and unique experiences you just can’t find yourself.

The modern traveler wants to step outside the cookie-cutter vacation found online; they want an authentic travel experience that fits their unique travel style. Travel advisors can bring this dream to life with little or no additional cost to the traveler which makes us wonder… why did we ever consider booking trips on our own in the first place?

“Travel agencies have your back in a way the internet does not. We are real people who care about your experience, and we have connections all over the world to make sure you receive the trip you've dreamed of!”

Missi Wilson, Brentwood Travel (St. Louis, MO)

“Not every travel advisor is alike! Make sure you find one with your similar travel style or vibe so they can help match you to your dream honeymoon, getaway or family vacation.”

Lauren Doyle, The Travel Mechanic (Raleigh, NC)

May 1, 2019 is National Travel Advisor Day. To celebrate, we asked our travel advisors to share a story about a time they saved the day for a client.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Rerouting customers during snowstorms is part of my daily routine sometimes, but I remember one night in particular. It must have been 8pm, and all flights were cancelled except one. I managed to get my passenger on that flight while her team got stuck at the airport for two days because they couldn’t get ahold of the airline's call center fast enough.”

Charles Richer, Groupe Voyages VP (Montreal, QC)

“We just had a situation in our office where a honeymoon couple booked a trip with us in Italy, and when they arrived at their hotel, they didn’t receive the room they originally booked. Our 24/7 hotline jumped right on it and contacted our rep and the hotel directly to make sure the honeymooners received what they were promised. In addition, they received a bottle of wine from the hotel to help make up for the inconvenience.”

Missi Wilson, Brentwood Travel (St. Louis, MO)

“I had a family traveling for spring break on the 737 flights that were cancelled. They decided not to purchase insurance, so their land package was 100% nonrefundable. The airline never called to advise that these clients were going to need to rebook flights. We took the lead, checked on our client’s flights, and proactively booked them on new flights prior to the masses of people rebooking. The client was so happy that we took the lead in getting his arrangements together.”

Laura Lukasik, Viking Travel (Westmont, IL)

“We’re currently helping a couple who was supposed to go to Iceland on WOW Air (the low-cost carrier that went bankrupt leaving thousands stranded). In addition to assisting with their repayment process, we encouraged them to still take the trip to Iceland and helped them rebook. The bankruptcy file is a little complicated, and we’re here to accompany them.”

Sophie Laliberté, SolSya (Terrebonne, QC)

“I had clients who wanted a last-minute getaway. Aaron emailed me during his lunch break, and by the time he was home from work, he had a list of resorts that met his budget and needs. After they put their kids to bed, they discussed and were able to select one of the resorts I had picked for them. We had everything booked the next day, and within a few weeks, they were sipping cocktails at the resort that met their needs of relaxation and disconnection!”

Lauren Doyle, The Travel Mechanic (Raleigh, NC)

What truly makes a travel advisor great is their willingness and ability to put their clients’ needs first while establishing genuine, life-long relationships. With many years of experience, they can offer great choices and take all the worries out of booking your next vacation. Plus, many agents choose specific travel specializations, becoming an expert in their field so they can give their clients the vacation of their dreams.

The experience is what makes the trip — life is too short to experience the ordinary, and a travel advisor can help you to see the extraordinary.

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