Top 4 Reasons To Visit Europe’s Christmas Markets This Winter

Heard of the European Christmas markets, but not sure what all the fuss is about? Globus are pro’s at giving guests the ultimate Christmas market experience in spectacular winter destinations like Germany, Czech Republic, and Austria (to name a few!), so we asked them why travelers return year after year to experience these world-famous holiday events.

Q: Why do people travel from all over the world to visit the Christmas markets in Europe?

There is something magical about visiting Europe in the wintertime which, of course, includes the Christmas markets. It awakens your inner child and leaves you with a beautiful feeling of nostalgia – a simpler time, and days gone past. From sipping Gluwein, to munching on gingerbread to walking beneath the sparkling lights, the entire experience is meant to delight the senses and the soul. Each market has its own mug that travelers love to collect and there is no better place to shop for unique gifts and ornaments, many often handmade by the locals.

Q: What are the must-see markets?

Nuremberg: One of the largest and most festive. It’s very international and high-energy, thanks to its popularity.

Heidelberg: Looking for a market more intimate and local? Heidelberg is the market for you! There are smiling children (and adults!) everywhere, running and laughing with the excitement of the season. 

Regensburg: Absolutely the best in terms of a back-in-time experience at the romantic Thurn and Taxis Palace Christmas Market, with artisans selling their own hand crafted items.

Prague: Not only is the market large and visually stunning, but with Prague as the backdrop it’s a complete experience, and there’s so much to do!

Q: What’s a unique experience offered by Globus that travelers can’t get anywhere else?

Our guest can choose to take an optional tour to Salzburg, Austria, which includes the setting of The Sound of Music, and a stop to visit the Silent Night Chapel on the site where the hymn Silent Night was first played and sung, including a live performance. Our guests find it one of the most touching and beautiful moments of their vacation.

We also have a sweet Viennese lady who comes and speaks about ‘the cookies of Christmas’, giving a wonderful presentation with the history of each, including delicious samples.

Q: What’s your favorite European country to visit during the holiday season?

I think for many there is simply no better place than Germany. Many North Americans have German ancestry, so the traditions, tastes, and decorations are familiar and heartwarming.

Looking at heading to the Christmas markets this year, or maybe you’re just after more information? Give your travel agent a call today and they’ll give you all the info you need.

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