Spotlight on Hawaii

Looking for relaxation and rejuvenation or high-energy adventure? Look no further than Hawaii – a top place to unwind and be inspired by Hawaii’s spectacular scenery and natural wonders.

The islands of Aloha have some great options for every day of your vacation. Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and Hawaii (also known as The Big Island), have their own character and different landscapes. It’s easy to fly or cruise between the islands so you can experience more than one during your stay.

The Hawaiian Islands are home to a diverse range of experiences, from whale watching, snorkeling and surfing, to witnessing an active volcano, hiking the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, and driving the spectacular Hana Highway – Hawaii is a tropical paradise, complete with a laid-back Polynesian lifestyle.

Famed golf architects have designed sensational courses featuring scenic settings by the ocean with lava fixtures, and helping to make Hawaii one of the world’s top golf destinations with a new course on every island.

Spas with natural Hawaiian treatments, yoga retreats, sunrise hikes and relaxing at your beautiful resort add to the rejuvenation of a Hawaii vacation.

These islands are just right for a family getaway with plenty to keep every generation busy. Be sure to check out this month’s Top Ten list to learn why families love Hawaii.

Discover Hawaiian culture and history for a real appreciation of the islands and their people. You’ll also come across numerous cultural events, historic sites, music and dance during your stay. The Spirit of Aloha is an enriching part of your Hawaiian vacation.

Arrive home refreshed and rejuvenated after an inspiring vacation like no other. Whatever your interests and whoever you are traveling with, Hawaii can give you a unique balance of activity and relaxation.

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