Spotlight on the Caribbean and Mexico

Sun, sea and sand; the Caribbean and Mexico offers idyllic locales that are especially inviting when you have a special occasion to celebrate, or when you want to join local celebrations! Fiestas and carnivals are something very special in this part of the world.

From destination weddings to birthdays, the backdrop of a stunning beach or ocean view makes the occasion even more memorable.  You're there for a landmark occasion and local charm becomes a part of the festivities. In the Caribbean and Mexico you're spoiled for choice when it comes to sensational locations for special events!

Whether you're looking for a low-key celebration with a lot of privacy or planning a large family reunion, this region is ready to assist with hotels and venues that pull out the stops to make your occasion unique.

Joining holiday pageants and festivals is another way to celebrate while here. Become a part of the celebrations for an authentic experience of local life. 

  • Carnival, the renowned vibrant, colourful event is held in Merida, capital of Mexico's Yucatan and islands across the Caribbean. Usually on the days leading up to Ash Wednesday but some islands have moved the festivities, like the Cayman Islands' Batabano Carnival held in late April.
  • Junkanoo, a gala of music and culture celebrated in The Bahamas after Christmas and in June or July.
  • Food Festivals like The Food & Drink Festival in Kingston, Jamaica in October, with fine food, live entertainment and great spirits and the Kooben Festival in the Yucatan in October, dedicated to Yucatecan gastronomy.
  • Autumn Festival of Valladolid, Yucatan, features cultural, artistic and social events in October and November.
  • Crop Over Festival originally celebrated the end of the sugar harvest in Barbados. Rich in tradition and infused with dance and calypso, it is held in mid-July.
  • Independence Festival celebrates Jamaica gaining independence in 1962 with street parades, costume competitions and cultural exhibitions. Held between July and August.

So many ways to celebrate and so many festivals to enjoy! The warmth and charm of the Caribbean and Mexico elevate every celebration.

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