Spotlight on The Caribbean & Mexico

For a sunny getaway that’s sure to please every member of the family, head for the islands and beaches of the Caribbean and Mexico.  Easy to get to with a wide range of activities to keep you occupied, there’s much to explore and enjoy across the region.

Whether you’re planning a quiet vacation with immediate family, a multigenerational reunion or a romantic couple’s escape, there’s a destination that’s just right for you in the Caribbean and Mexico. Here you have vibrant cities, peaceful villages and secluded resorts to choose from. Nature and eco activities, outstanding spa and wellness programs, enriching cultural activities and of course, everywhere you go, fabulous beaches and plenty of high octane water sports. 

There’s an accommodation style that will be exactly what you require. Mexico and the Dominican Republic have perfected the all-inclusive vacation that lets you know before leaving home exactly what the price tag will be. These multi-faceted resorts offer a range of dining options and activities so there’s something for every member of the family to participate in and enjoy.

Couples seeking a more private all-inclusive experience have a selection of couples-only resorts to choose from. The ultra-luxurious over-water bungalows in Jamaica could be just the right choice for your romantic escape!

Our Villa collection is another option for a luxurious, private home away from home. Ideal for multigenerational family groups or couples wanting to get away from it all, many of these exquisite properties have ocean views and are close to the beach. Maid service and even a chef can be a part of the experience to pamper you during your Mexican or Caribbean dream vacation.

Cruising is one of the best choices for a family vacation with many ships geared to accommodating and entertaining every generation. Spend your days enjoying your resort at sea or exploring ashore before meeting up for dinner to share the wonderful experiences of the day. It’s a carefree vacation that lets you focus on the destination and enjoy the company of family without the distractions of the usual day to day routine. You can also be as active or inactive as you like every day of the cruise. A top choice for that multigenerational family reunion!

Add to this a selection of boutique hotels, rustic cottages, spa and wellness resorts and hotel/casinos and you see the wide range of vacation styles that awaits across Mexico and the Caribbean. It’s a region focused on welcoming visitors to its shores for a fun-filled vacation that will create lasting memories.

Photo: Oaxaca, Mexico
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