Spotlight on Western Europe

Famed landmarks and influential history; appealing cultural and culinary experiences: No wonder Western Europe tops the list of must see destinations in the world. Add some of the best museums and galleries anywhere and you have one irresistible destination for those wanting an enriching vacation!

Imagine iconic images coming to life as you travel through the beautiful countries of Western Europe. The Swiss Alps, Holland’s canals and tulip fields, French Riviera beaches and Rhineland vineyards are a few of the captivating landscapes you’ll encounter while the Colosseum, Eiffel Tower and Brandenburg Gate are amongst the sights that will amaze you.

These countries are also close to each other. With a high-speed rail system that is the envy of the world and affordable air travel, it is easy to move around these fascinating countries that offer so many wonderful experiences.

Those interested in history, art and architecture will enjoy stimulating sight-seeing every day, there is so much of importance to admire. Some of the finest museums and art galleries are found in Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Florence and the Vatican and you’ll come across significant works of art and architecture everywhere you go.

Food, wine and beer enhance your Western European vacation. Whether you want to go wine tasting in the estates of Bordeaux, tour a German brewery and sample the beer or take a cooking class in Provence or Tuscany, there’s a wealth of opportunities available. It’s easy to turn your vacation into a culinary tour with so much to try and experience in every country.

Adventurers looking for an active vacation have numerous options. From cycling along the canals of Holland to skiing in the Alps; hiking the clifftop villages at Cinque Terre to kayaking in the Pyrenees, there’s no shortage of exciting active adventures to enjoy.

River cruising is an excellent choice for visiting Western Europe. See several countries easily and conveniently with a comprehensive experience that includes informative excursions, cultural immersion and an introduction to the food and wine of your destination. See this month’s Cruising article for more.

Experience Western Europe on your next vacation for a year-round destination that has something exciting to offer every type of traveler.

Photo: Berlin, Germany
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